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Season 1 | Day 95
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Transfers In This Country
In the last one hour
Salomon Gminski
M/AM (C)
18 y/o 8,485 TPI From  FC SAURON
To  wu tang clan
In the last 12 hours
Radoslaw Peszek
D/WB (L), F (L)
17 y/o 17,167 TPI From  CF Guanchinet
To  Sporting Alsace Football
In the last 3 days
Lior Maymon
F (RC)
19 y/o 11,193 TPI From  The golden eagle
To  wu tang clan
Guðþór Blomberg
M/AM (R)
20 y/o 9,189 TPI From  Aquarian Predators
To  wu tang clan
Lech Moszkowski
22 y/o 24,353 TPI From  F.C Magic Team
To  Guadalajara Dragons
Władysław Koprowski
M/AM (L)
28 y/o 21,471 TPI From  FCBarracuda
To  Guadalajara Dragons
Yongchang Suo
WB (R), AM (R)
26 y/o 25,820 TPI From  Ajax Amsterdam
To  wu tang clan
Nachson Gefen
M/AM (C)
19 y/o 11,768 TPI From  The Bears
To  PKS Wykleci
Country Management
Avni Y
107 days ago
Pirate Kakoon
107 days ago
107 days ago
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⋅ Tuesday, 21:00
⋅ Saturday, 14:00
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1 Kraków 10
2 Warsaw 9
3 Białystok 9
4 Gdańsk 6
5 Łódź 5
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