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Season 3 | Day 87
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Current Champion Maccabi united f.c
Transfers In This Country
In the last one hour
Ofer Alperon
D (R)
20 y/o 29,142 TPI From  Maccabi Bulls TLV
To  Nankatsu-Sc
Yanir Mahpud
D (LC)
21 y/o 27,098 TPI From  Meshakshekey HaHumus
In the last 6 hours
Marek Moszkowicz
F (C)
21 y/o 19,762 TPI From  FCBarracuda
To  FC Demons
In the last 12 hours
Adi Kitzis
M/AM (L)
23 y/o 28,503 TPI From  Beitar Nahariya
To  FC Demons
Sylwester Paluch
F (C)
22 y/o 30,893 TPI From  Guardian
To  PKS Wykleci
In the last day
Atre Marquet
D (RC)
18 y/o 31,305 TPI From  Lamikphora
To  Akajani FC
Itai Abukarat
M/AM (C)
26 y/o 30,040 TPI From  Beitar Nahariya
To  Vitoria_FC
Raz Mor
18 y/o 18,038 TPI From  Netanjuve Olympico
To  Rossoneri
In the last 3 days
Daniello Falzon
F (C)
27 y/o 30,099 TPI From  Refurbrished
To  Akajani FC
Yotam Salama
M/AM (L)
20 y/o 25,243 TPI From  Guardian
To  Sp. Italiano
Amihay Elikan
D (RC)
17 y/o 23,219 TPI From  FC Broco
To  Sp. Italiano
Mino Evangelisti
WB (R), M/AM (C)
20 y/o 21,975 TPI From  Diamonds Army
To  Racing Club
Nachson Gemer
D (LC)
28 y/o 29,836 TPI From  Nankatsu-Sc
To  O Dono do Jogo FC
Kobi Franco
D (RC)
28 y/o 27,763 TPI From  Nankatsu-Sc
To  O Dono do Jogo FC
Djibril Jullien
D/WB (R), M/AM (RC)
19 y/o 27,273 TPI From  Lamikphora
To  TheNoobs
Country Management
Avni Y
317 days ago
Pirate Kakoon
317 days ago
317 days ago
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⋅ Tuesday, 20:00
⋅ Saturday, 12:00
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