11 Online
Season 2 | Day 72
Origin Israel Afula
Local league Israel B-1 # 3
Manager future Preseason | Day 5
Stadium Jerusalem 4,000 Seats
Fans 1,530
Weekly Wages $ 110.13K
Youth Academy freedom2020 2-2-1-1
Fan Stores 1 Afula
The Press
future is doubtful about the Big League 198 days ago
Earlier today, [var1] has called a press conference towards the beginning of the Total-Football's Big League tournament.

Everyone has waited to hear what [var2] really thinks of his club and when he started talking it was clear to see that everyone in the room have agreed with him.
Consider us lucky if we make it to the Top 50. 250 coins would make us all happy, ain't that right?
Squad Morale +10%
Season 2 progress
Big League Runner-Up
#2-10 place in the Big League, Season 1
Israel B-1
Home Uniform
Club's Fans Origin
Afula 1,469
Petah Tikva 35