10 Online
Season 2 | Day 74
Origin Poland Chełm
Local league Poland B-3 # 1
Manager kaflinho Season 1 | Day 48
Stadium Dragons Arena 4,000 Seats
Fans 1,501
Weekly Wages $ 116.10K
Youth Academy Young Dragons 3-2-1-1
Fan Stores 1 Chełm
The Press
kaflinho expects a sportsmanlike match against Archbishops of Africa 117 days ago
The next match will bring you a match against a weeker team, Archbishops of Africa.

How would you estimate their performance so far?
Both clubs play very well and this match will be really sportmanlike and great to watch.
Fans Morale +10%
Opponent Fans Morale +10%
Rivalry -5%
Guadalajara Dragons's run set to continue 117 days ago
Well done kaflinho! Guadalajara Dragons looked unstoppable lately!

Can your players keep it up?
Sure, the players are working hard and deserve these results, I don't see a reason our run won't continue.
Squad Morale +5%
Rafał Debicki's hype continues! 117 days ago
Rafał Debicki seems to be in great form after this last match, do you expect him to continue in the match against Archbishops of Africa?
Definitely! Rafał Debicki has been great for us and he will be our go to guy in this match aswell.
Player Morale +10%
Squad Morale -5%
kaflinho: "We're stable" 126 days ago
Your team is unstable recently. You're winning and then losing, your fans don't really like this roller coaster. What do you think?
I don't think anyone can refer any complain towards my players.
Squad Morale +10%
Season 2 progress
National Cup Runner-Up
Reached the National Cup Final, Season 1
Poland B-3
Home Uniform
Club's Fans Origin
Chełm 1,401
Rzeszów 17
Lubin 16
Bielsko-Biała 12