11 Online
Season 2 | Day 73
Origin Israel Beersheba
Local league Israel B-1 # 2
Manager Gil Itzhak Preseason | Day 6
Stadium This Is Turner 4,000 Seats
Fans 1,630
Weekly Wages $ 97.73K
Youth Academy Not yet
Fan Stores 1 Beersheba
The Press
Gil Itzhak: "We can win the Big League" 199 days ago
Earlier today, [var1] has called a press conference towards the beginning of the Total-Football's Big League tournament.

Everyone has waited to hear what [var2] really thinks of his club and when he started talking it was clear to see that everyone in the room have agreed with him.
I think we can make it to the Top 10 teams in the world. We're that strong!
Squad Morale +10%
Season 2 progress
National Cup Winner
Won the National Cup Final, Season 1
Israel B-1
Home Uniform
Club's Fans Origin
Beersheba 1,474
Haifa 59
Jerusalem 27